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Study or visit the USA

  • Study or visit the USA focuses exclusively on assisting Ukrainian students pursue an American education through exchange programs, language courses, international summer camps or cultural trips. Its mission is to strengthen and sustain advancement by developing effective international student exchanges between Universities of the USA and Ukraine.

Successful candidates:  

  • Are enrolled in a University or College in Ukraine
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English (required for students interested in study in the US)
  • Have high grade scores, demonstrated community accomplishments, and show substantial promise for even higher achievement;
  • Can clearly articulate and explain their goals. 

How we can we assist

-Organize cultural trips and language courses for students

- Consult on types of international study programs in the US

-Answer queries on summer camps

-Facilitate application process for study in the US

-Research on expenses & assistance with required documents

Please note, with on-going sponsors help we are able to organize programs listed above

Submit your interest to donate at anytime. Thank you!

People of Ukraine Foundation